Are you a leader in education, a science organization or business who wants these things?

  • Better interpersonal relationships
  • Greater engagement among stakeholders
  • Improved collaboration
  • Lower turnover rates
  • More effective communication with the general public
  • An objective coach or mentor for your professional growth

If so, you are not alone. Many of today’s organizations are experiencing internal team culture problems or communication issues. From the boardroom to the classroom, every organization needs to perfect the fundamentals of cooperation, respect, trust, and communication.

I am Tony Lacertosa, founder of Peerless Leadership Development, a certified consultant, facilitator, and highly experienced science educator who brings to my clients strategies that I have developed in over 30 years of improving group dynamics in the workplace . My collaborative leadership trainings, team building seminars, communication coaching and personal mentoring, bring a fresh approach to proven team development and communication strategies  throughout the U.S.A and Canada.

Peerless Leadership Development is committed to working with science organizations, businesses, educators and other team leaders:

Team leaders who work with us will see rapid improvement in team effectiveness, communication and workplace collaboration

The TIGERS® Success Series facilitation program utilizes highly effective team strengthening and building activities including the TIGERS Team Wheel™ Game.

For over 20 years, TIGERS® facilitations have helped team leaders in public and private organizations including such large organizations as Costco, AT&T, and Northrop Grumman see lasting, sustainable results in employee cohesion and strong bottom lines!

To achieve a cooperative work team environment in organizations, Peerless Leadership Development offers coaching, consulting, facilitation and resources to:

  • Improve staff retention
  • Build accountability among all team members and leaders
  • Open lines of communication and reduce conflict
  • Train and coach leaders at all levels
  • Improve interpersonal relations
  • Establish greater stakeholder collaboration

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For teachers and leaders of educational organizations :

The Time to Teach program provides time tested and proven strategies to effectively manage classroom behavior.  It is designed to provide teaching professionals with a skill set designed to keep students engaged and improve academic performance while reducing discipline problems campus wide.  This dynamic program is proud to have achieved the highest level of teacher satisfaction in continuing education courses anywhere! On-site seminars will show teachers and educators how to:

  • Avert power struggles
  • Instill fair disciplinary actions
  • Build strong teacher/student relationships
  • Increase parental support

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